‘Tis The Season…


Halloween is over, Whole Foods has brought out the bags with red writing… you know what this means: the holiday season has begun. Again. Earlier than last year. With everyone being uber-PC and recognizing that not all celebrate Christmas, the big dilemma is what types of gifts they should give to their co-workers. With that I bring to you the following conversation because, well, I can’t not share this one.

Girl 1: I need a non-offensive Christmas gift for my coworkers. Like, you know, for people who aren’t Christian and don’t celebrate Christmas. I want to give everyone the same thing.

Girl 2: What about baking? You can’t go wrong with–

Girl 1 interrupts: I need a holiday theme. Like a snowflake. Wait, would angels be offensive?

Me (under my breath): Oh my god…

Girl 2: Yeah, angels probably aren’t a good idea. Those are like really religious.

Girl 1: So what do I do?

Girl 2: Maybe just stick with a winter theme. Snowmen, sledding, hot chocolate, gingerbread mean… you know… that kind of thing.

Girl 1: Thanks, sweetie. That’s a great idea. I’m thinking ornaments.

Me (practically crying in the corner): Ornaments. For their non-existent Christmas trees? Oh. My. God.

There you have it. All I can say is, I think she must work at McDonald’s.

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