Drive-Thru Adventures


Worker: Welcome to McDonald’s! What can I make for you?

Me: Hm… I’d like a 4 piece chicken nugget, small fry, and water.

Worker: You can’t order a 4 piece.

Me: Wait, what?

Worker: For adults. You can’t order the 4 piece chicken nugget. It only comes in a Happy Meal. The smallest you can order is 6.

Me: Um… seriously?

Worker: Yes.

Me: Uh… but I can order a Happy Meal?

Worker: Yes.

Me: Fine. I’d like a 4 piece chicken nugget Happy Meal.

Worker: What to drink?

Me: Water.

Worker: Is it for a boy or a girl?

At this point I can barely contain my laughter: It’s for a girl.

Worker: That will be $3.84. Please pull forward.

Upon receiving my awesome plastic Halloween trick-or-treat worthy bat bucket, I opened it to find that I had a hamburger… Or actually, I had a bun. With cheese and ketchup. I was starving and I would have eaten the burger, but that? No.

Me: I just went through the drive thru. I ordered chicken nuggets, but I got a hamburger… with no burger.

Worker: That’s not possible.

Me: :blank stare:

I finally got the right order, but why was that so bloody difficult?! No wonder that McDonald’s ended up being involved in a shooting last night. (Too soon?)

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