Empire Mountain - Deer Valley - Park City, Utah

Yeah, yeah. You knew it was coming; the requisite blog post in honour of American thanksgiving tomorrow.

2011 has had quite a few ups and downs. January brought lots of love and some truly amazing memories from the Sundance Film Festival. February, however, was rocky. On the 4th, I crashed my car. My beautiful, much loved A6 was totaled. Less than 24 hours later I took one hell of a spill on my skis and ended up being carted off the mountain by the ski patrol and taken by ambulance to the hospital. I still can’t tell you anything about that accident from my own memory, nor can I tell you what I did for the rest of the month. I’m thankful it wasn’t worse.

I began my first novel, spent a fun-filled week in LA with several of my fabulous girlfriends. The list could go on…

I often joke about my life being one, big, yuppie sob story. If you know me, you’ve probably heard me (jokingly) complain that I can’t find things to put on my Christmas list, that I can’t find my must-have Lanvin boots in my size… that sort of thing. Yet I’m not really oblivious. I understand how lucky I’ve been.

So as cliché and stereotypical as it sounds, more than anything I’m so very thankful for my family and friends. To those who support me, encourage me, and keep me grounded, I can only say thank you. Every one of you has brought so much to my life and while I don’t say it regularly, please never doubt that you mean the world to me.



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