Danger. Fight or flight. You either kick and scream like hell or you freeze. You think you know how you’ll react, but then you’re there; you’re forced to live it. Suddenly everything you thought you knew is exulting a sadistic laugh from a hideaway nearby. S/he won’t bother to reach for your hand.

2 minutes. 120 seconds. How often sexual assault claims a new victim in the United States.

61%. Not women. Children. Little girls younger than 18.

207,754. 1 year. Ages 12 years and older. Too many victims.

60%. More than. Victims unable to report. Women and men cannot seek help. It hurts too much. Can’t relive the unspeakable.

Not a political pawn. Not up for debate.

Pro-choice. Pro-life. Both irrelevant.

Rape is never about pleasure. It’s never about love, physical force may be absent, but above all, rape is never, ever legitimate.

So, to the victims —the survivors, whether you’re putting your world back together or struggling to continue living, you are not alone. With love I promise, We hear you.


National Sexual Assault Online Support — 1.800.656.4673 OR

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