WTF Week



I meet C. At least it made for a great, if slightly disturbing, blog post.


Atticus-cat is definitely missing.

There was something else, but I was so fried, I haven’t a clue as to what it was. Let’s blame my boss.


Hours of sleep? 3.

7:30am – I run in to Homeless(?), Schizophrenic Dude. HSD used to frequent the 600 South Starbucks where he would spend time hanging out and using the free WiFi to watch hours of porn. He was dead-set on becoming Facebook friends with all of us. He especially took a liking to my friend, Daq… so much so that he wanted her to come to his birthday party as the entertainment. We all know this is a nice way of saying, stripper.

Anyway, he was having a grand time running around in circles in front of my office making airplane noises. My friend, Frankie later told me I should have pretended to be a bomber pilot and ‘shot’ at him. I’ll be honest… I kinda wish I’d thought of that myself, just for kicks, but of course I was too anxious to get inside and suck down my grande corporate coffee.

10something:am – V calls to ask for directions to a place s/he’s been about 10 times before. In Provo. You know… because I’ve never been there. And I can get anywhere outside of downtown or Park City without a GPS (yeah, right…) Did I mention s/he lives in the area?

12:30pm – I return from lunch to a message on my voicemail. Joy, it’s C. He wants to inform me that he really enjoyed (ew) our meeting on Monday, however he will be working with someone else (thank god!) …I don’t know about you, but this can only mean one thing… she was so wearing the shorter skirt.

6:00pm – 600 South Starbucks, aka my second office. Finally. Relief.

Not so fast…

7:32pm – sports fans to my left.

That’s my cue to call it a night… While I drive home, anyone want to take bets on the crazy that Thursday will bring?

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