Hating Television Isn’t Just For Hippies


TV has become incessantly boring for me. I was watching one of my (formerly) favorite shows the other night and come the twenty minute mark, I was more interested in other tasks. To be fair, I may have had some wine at the time. I may have been drinking said wine on an empty stomach. I like to think I am unbiased so the following night, I decided to re-watch to see if my opinion may have been invalid because I was drunk intoxicated sleepy. Nothing changed.

I could go in to my theories as to why TV shows have the tendency to decrease in quality (could you write new, fresh material for 3+ years with the same characters? I probably couldn’t…) yet I only have one question: is there any show that has managed an extended run well? I’m sure hardcore TV addicts will debate me on this, but I have to say, I don’t think it can be done. Perhaps shows should have a beginning and end date in sight, with only so many episodes to tell the story. It may not be as big a money maker but I have a feeling we would see an increase in quality.


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