Coffee + A Side of Pretention


This is how a review referred to one of my favorite movies, Northfork. Right or wrong, I suppose it is what I tend to enjoy when it comes to movies. I particularly love artsy films, don’t mind subtitles, and many of my favorite movies have left companions saying, ‘What the fuck did we just watch?’

Such may be the case for some upon screening For Lover’s Only, the latest project of ultimate indie filmmakers, Mark and Michael Polish. Shot in the style of the French New Wave, we join former lovers Yves (Mark Polish) and Sofia (Stana Katic) in their whirlwind journey across France as they rekindle the love affair that ended eight years earlier.

It’s easy to tell why For Lovers Only didn’t see a wide-release –to date it’s only been shown in the United States via On Demand. Done almost exclusively in black and white in addition to a lack of dialogue, it simply wasn’t a film that appeals to a mainstream audience. For those who are fans of artsy films, this one is a must watch.

Never a pair to disappoint, Mark and Michael Polish bring their typical brand of stunning cinematography, rapier wit, and above all, heart, to what Mark has called, ‘A love letter to being in love.’

Over the course of 87 minutes, viewers are treated to a journey of loss, love, and a looming sense of dread, however, we also experience a sense of intimacy that anyone who’s ever been in love knows all too well. With so many films about falling in love, it was a refreshing change to screen one that is about being in love.

Verdict? A must-see for indie film fans or anyone with mad love for the Polish Brothers.

Photo credit: a huge thank you to Mark Polish for allowing me to use this photo.

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