Mad Ramblings and Ponderments – Caffeine Edition


I like to write at Starbucks. Between super cool baristas (shout out to the 6th South crew!) and the fact that there’s lots and lots of caffeine, I tend to be a happy monster. With that out of the way, you hate me. Even if you haven’t met me-me, you know me. I’m the girl who is sprawled out on the couch for 5+ hours a day. I like to give you the evil eye when you infringe on my turf, and I will hurriedly avoid eye contact if you even attempt to look at me as though you’re debating whether to sit down.

Do I believe the world revolves around me? Maybe. Ha.

Next order of business: convince favorite barista to place a Reserved sign on my couch. That would be one hell of a Starbucks card perk.

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