Free-Market Capitalism: I Shall Open A Competing Government


Although I never received that MBA I had a thought. Because I live in a country that prides itself on the American Dream and free-market capitalism, I was thinking that perhaps today is the day for me to make an entrepreneurial decision. Yep, that’s it. I am starting a new business. Today, I shall open a competing government.

Congress continually tells me that hard work pays off. Capitalism is fantastic. If I play the game well, if I am shrewd enough, I will be #1. I did it. Done. Game over. I win. The new US government is open as of 2:48pm, PST, headquartered somewhere in Downtown Los Angeles.

Isn’t make believe fun? As soon as I get tired of playing, I’ll simply move on. Yes, that’s it. I’ll move up to San Francisco, then on to Geneva. As soon as things get complicated, I’ll go home and hang out in my lingerie until I figure out how to get my way again and then I’ll begin the process all over. It’s that simple!

At least it appears to be that simple if a certain section of congress is to be believed.

In a country whose government infrastructure is based upon a majority vote, the GOP’s hostile takeover (if the shoe fits…) is an utter failure of the basis on which laws are passed. The senate has repeatedly rejected GOP/conservatives’ attempts at altering, changing and bastardizing the very hoops through which a bill must jump before it can become law.

Republican ‘leaders’ have essentially forced the United States’ government to come to a halt simply because they don’t like the results of the majority vote. Rather than sticking it out and doing what is best for their country —coming to some type of agreement— they go off on holiday (with pay), over a law they don’t like. The fact that these people are our elected officials is nothing short of an utter disgrace. 

Blatant self-interest and corruption is behind the No shirt, no shoes, You-Didn’t-Give-Me-My Way-So-We-Will-Not-Provide-You-Any-Service shutdown. For all the nationalistic propaganda of America being one of the greatest countries in the world, is it really? Can we genuinely look at the current state of the government, at the people who have been tasked with executive level decision making and say, Wow, great job?

I can’t.

Had democrats even attempted this type of stunt in opposition of say, the war in Iraq, or even back in the 1980s following Ronald Reagan’s deep tax cuts, no one can deny that the other side would cry foul.

An opinion on President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, whether positive or negative is a non-issue at this juncture. The issue is that our government is broken. Its remains have been left in the hands of career politicians who have little interest in the welfare of their country and American people. Their only interests are of the self-serving variety that typically surrounds re-election. These people are willing to risk the well being of an entire nation over political gain, do so with pay, all in the hopes of well… who the hell knows anymore. Maybe it’s time for America to use its built in mechanism Todd Akin mentioned all those months ago and shut the whole thing down to legitimately prevent further catastrophe.

As of 3:20pm, PST, your new government is now closed. Playing US Leader has ceased to be fun so it’s time to move on to my CIA debriefing… I wonder what Sergeant Brody is up to these days.

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