A Tour of Talisker


One of my first memories is of my mum taking me to a French restaurant and allowing me to order escargot. I was four and I felt so ridiculously grown up. Over twenty years have passed since then, but that’s what pushed me down my obsessive passionate love of all things food. Tonight I was lucky enough to return to my favorite restaurant in Park City, Talisker On Main. It may have been so ridiculously awesome, I have to share it with you.

We began with an amuse-bouche of spiced pumpkin soup:

Given that I was so invested in persevering every moment for posterity, I had barely set down my iPhone when the addictive bread basket arrived. Could you say no to Parmesan flatbread, warm whole grain bread, and olive oil? I can’t…

Next it was time for the truly epic (yes, epic is warranted people!) shellfish bisque. Oh. My. God. The complexities of the flavours were beyond words. And for me, that’s saying something.

Now, you’re thinking, ‘Is this girl ever going to eat a salad?’ Yes. Yes, I did. This meal included two: A (very pretty!) roast pumpkin salad with vinegarette dressing…

And my all-time favorite, the brussel sprout salad. Even if you hate brussel sprouts, you will love this. I promise.

Was I beyond stuffed by this point? Totally. Was there more to come? Yep. The octopus salad was another hit. Very light and fresh, a prefect lead up to the main courses.

A little bird told me that the pork chop was a must-try, and I was happy to oblige. The bad part? It was dark by the time it came out and well, there are limitations to iPhone photography. Luckily, my dining companion semi saved the day with a flashlight app. ;)

If risotto is on the menu, it will be ordered. Talisker never disappoints. End of story.

And finally, what is dinner without dessert? Caramel popcorn ice cream (beyond addictive… Yes, really!), a chocolate torte, and salted caramel flan.

A fantastic evening from beginning to end.

Oh, and for all of my Sundance friends, I think it’s time to start trying to score reservations! ;)

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