If You Stay

Release Date: TBA


Kate Calloway is used to getting what she wants. As a young partner and litigator at Collins, Callahan, & Barton, Kate is savvy, and well-versed in playing to win. But law has never been her passion; she saves that for husband, Cal, or playing mom to newly adopted (step)daughter, Zara.

After three years of marriage, Kate is eager to slow down,  shower attention on her husband and daughter, and grow her family. Just when she’s about to get everything she thinks she needs, Cal receives some startling news, sending the family’s once-idyllic life spiraling in to a nightmare.

Captivating and witty, tender and heartbreaking, If You Stay is a gripping journey that explores the bond between a man and a woman, and just how much we’re willing to sacrifice for the one we love.