25 Things You Don’t Know About Me


1. I get mistaken for a Kardashian. A lot. Some people have taken pictures.

2. I often gift friends with original pieces of writing for birthdays and other holidays.

3. I’m adopted.

4. I’ve been obsessed with escargot since I was four. It’s still one of my favourite foods.

5. I’m shy and dislike large crowds… I get really nervous around new people.

6. My best friend is a guy.

7. I taught myself to play the piano by ear. I didn’t learn to sight read until much later.

8. I love to read, but I rarely watch television.

9. I do not have a Facebook account.

10. I’m an amazing cook; I still exist on protein bars.

11. I’m obsessed with visiting & photographing abandoned places —my favourites to date have been the Perelson mansion & the old Los Angeles Zoo.

12. Twin Falls Idaho is one of my favourite movies; I always watch it if I’ve had a bad day.

13. I still can’t get enough of Beverly Hills, 90210. Team Brandon!

14. I dream of being a professional skier.

15. I secretly enjoy watching bad chick flicks when I’m sick.

16. My mum is one of my best friends. Really.

17. I have ADHD.

18. I started writing my first novel because it was a story I wanted to read.

19. I walked out of Bridesmaids… and recently ended up on a flight to LAX sitting next to one of the writers. I awkwardly laughed at her jokes.

20. “Roughing it” means less than 4 stars, no room service, and no wi-fi.

21. I credit the Art of Spa at least once a week as being vital to maintaining a clear head.

22. I screen phone calls.

23. It takes me weeks (and sometimes months) to unpack after returning home from travel… I usually manage to do it just before I have to leave again.

24. Boston Legal is my favourite show, ever. Six Feet Under is a close second.

25. When I’m bored I think it would be fun to drag one of my close friends to a random therapist and have a pen camera or something that would video tape the whole session… with sound… Because seriously, we could have a freaking field day with them.